My Mailbox Runnith Over

How to handle all those forwarded emails from friends ands relatives.

Published on May 21, 2014 by Mike Chilson

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Ok, I know this may sound like a rant but have you noticed how people you know tend to pass on EVERY SINGLE joke and political email they get to you. I know this is done with the best of intentions but do they realize that…

  1. I may not find the email as cute or funny as they did.

  2. I really don’t want to hear about their political view or really care to be honest.

  3. I get so many emails daily that all these “casual” emails do is annoy me because I have to deal with each of them.

Email is meant as a communication tool, not a chain letter tool. So if this annoys you as much as it does me let me tell you how you can tell your friends and associates in a nice way to stop doing it. Just reply to them with the follow text:

“Thank you for the email. Unfortunately, I receive so many emails from various people that I sometimes cannot tell what is important and what is not. So I am asking you to please not forward any emails to me that are jokes, cute pictures, slide shows, political or religious in nature so I can give your REAL emails you send to me the attention they deserve.”

This has seemed to be working. I don’t get so may of these any more. Hope this helps for you too!