A Password Site That Respects Your Privacy.

Create passwords without sharing all your details

Published on October 21, 2020 by Mike Chilson

SaaS Password Creator Rails Programming

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I like most of you, are constantly having to create new passwords for sites and applications we use daily. Unfortunately, most of the password generator sites cover you with ads or try to collect info on you to sell. Because of this, I decided to write my own and make it respect everyone’s privacy.

I used Rails 6 / Ruby 3.1 / JQuery deployed on fly.io to craft this tool. It has simple use analytics (if you create a simple account) and does not collect identifying info on visitors as I use GoatCounter for my analytics on the site. Check it out and feel free to use this tool I created it if you like.


At some point, I will be opening up the repo making the app open source once I have finished cleaning up the code to a point I feel comfortable releasing it.