Mike's Portfolio

Here are a few examples of some of my latest projects I have either developed myself or helped to develop.

Automated Vendor Guide
Machine Learning application to build a Vendor Guide
Using a machine learning algorithm, this application searches the web for targeted vendor types then scrapes the contact info and builds an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) listing guide. I use this application to publish two hobby vendor guides.

Warehouse Robotic Management System
Monitor and route robotic deliveries to assembly lines.
This application monitors, creates, and controls delivery systems in a warehouse to get parts to assembly lines in the most efficient manor. This Linux based application uses a neural net to calculate the most efficient route based on the existing traffic and the destination. It also monitors the unit status via wifi and warns when there are issues. It is written in Ruby and the database back-end is PostgreSQL.

Coal Mine CO2 Monitoring/Alarm System
Windows Platform Application
This application was written to monitor and set off alarms if CO2 levels reached a dangerous level in the mines. The basic architectures was a Windows Server connected to the monitors via an RS422 network. The application was developed in Visual C++ for speed and reliability and had two components, a windows service, and the monitoring interface.

URL Shortener that respects your privacy
This is a small SaaS (Software as a Service) project I developed mostly for myself but realized others would find it helpful also. It is currently being readied to be released as an open-source web app that anyone can download and use.

A flexible password generator that respects your privacy.
This is a small SaaS (Software as a Service) project I developed for myself after becoming tired of being bombarded by ads or being forced to register for other password sites. While I developed this for myself others are encouraged to use it if needed. It is currently being cleaned up so it can be released as open-source.

Priority Software, Inc.
Public Website
Priority Software, Inc. needed a new site to help answer potential customers questions about their software products. This was developed using Wordpress with a customized theme and several custom developed plug-ins.

TexNRails Website
E-commerce Site for Model Train Vendor
TexNRails was a rewrite/redesign of a customer's website that added e-commerce functionality and an responsive to different browsing devices (computers/phones/tablets). The project was developed with in the Wordpress CMS framework and involved some PHP, Javascript, and CSS.

RCScaleBuilder.com (RCSB)
Radio Control Model Scale Builders Community
RCSB is a hobby community site that has over 16,000 active members and is a world-wide community for this hobby. This site has matured over a 15 year period and continues to grow. This site was developed in Classic ASP and has sub-systems written in ASP.NET and uses a couple of Ruby based web services on the back-end.

Warbird Radio
Historical Aviation Internet Radio Website
Warbird Radio (warbirdradio.com) is an Internet radio station that serves up both live and pre-recorded content to a large audience. The site uses the Wordpress CMS framework with a custom theme and quite a bit of custom PHP.

Marketing site for air show announcer.
Matt Jolley is an airshow announcer, radio personality, and author. He needed a simple clean site that would show his work and allow people to contact him for airshow and radio booking. The site was crafted using WordPress CMS and a custom theme. This site is a perfect example of how to reach out to your potential clientele without breaking the bank.

Artist Darby Perrin's E-Commerce Site
Darby Perrin is a celebrated aviation artist with many prints and pieces of original art that are sold on his e-commerce site. The site was built with the WordPress CMS framework and features a custom theme, and custom plug-ins using PHP and JavaScript.

MikeChilson.com (this site)
Personal blog and portfolio site
MikeChilson.com was developed to allow prospective clients to see some of my work and show of some technologies that I use day to day. This site was developed in Ruby on Rails using Bootstrap, coffeescript, SCSS, and PostgreSQL.