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My Thoughts about the RubyMine IDE

First let me note that I am in no way associated with JetBrains (the developers of RubyMine), just a loyal customer. As a long-time developer on many platforms, I have always thought Visual Studio was the most mature and well-thought-out IDE (Integrated Development Environment) out "in the wild". Many products have tried to copy its success across many different platforms but none has impressed me as much as RubyMine has since I started writing Ruby and Rails applications.

What makes RubyMine so special? Well lots of things, but most of all it helps you to be PRODUCTIVE... Continue reading

My Mailbox Runnith Over

Ok, I know this may sound like a rant but have you noticed how people you know tend to pass on EVERY SINGLE joke and political email they get to you. I know this is done with the best of intentions but do they realize that...

  1. I may not find the email as cute or funny as they did.

  2. I really don’t want to hear about their political view or really care to be honest.

  3. I get so many emails daily that all these “casual” emails do is annoy me because I have to deal with each of them.

Email is meant as a communication tool, not a ... Continue reading

Cut, Copy, and Paste on the Android Platform

It's really easy since the advent of Android 4.0 and later...

First, to cut or copy any text, keep the particular text pressed for a while until you see some options appearing on screen (this is called a long press) that include copy, select all, cut, and others. Choose “Copy” or “Cut”, whichever you require to use, and head to the text box where you want this copied text to be pasted.

To paste that text you copied earlier, long-press the text box until again you see the options showing on the screen. You will find a “Paste” option in all the listed options. When you ... Continue reading

Create an autorun CD/DVD

The CD autorun feature is provided by file "autorun.inf" placed in the CD root directory. This is a simple text file so you can use any editor to create it.

The "autorun.inf" file must start with the following line:


It can include the following commands (all commands are optional):


Specifies the command that is to be autorun when the CD is inserted. It may include a path and any arguments. If you do not use this command the root folder of your CD will open automatically. Note: Windows autorun can only open... Continue reading

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