Want to know more about me?

I am a freelance contract software developer with over 35 years of experience based in Birmingham, Alabama. I currently work within web-based technologies with a specialization in full-stack, server-side API's and Native Electron Applications. I have a broad background in software development in the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, mining and service industries designing and building various database-driven and machine learning solutions, both platform-specific applications and web-based ones. Check out my Portfolio on the site menu for some examples of my recent work.

Something that sets me apart from most contract developers is I do value-based pricing. That simply means I don't force an hourly rate on projects but try to give a client a fixed cost once the deliverables are agreed upon. This shares the risk with the client making them a happy long-term returning customer when their project is delivered within budget.

You can read more about the technologies I use in my work by expanding the items below.

I currently develop applications in the following languages... Ruby, R Language, Vala, PHP, Prolog, Javascript, SQL, and of course HTML/CSS/SCSS.

I use the following Frameworks regularly when developing applications... Rails, Sinatra, Hotwire, Stimulus, Electron, Bootstrap, and Material.

Other technologies that I use often as a full stack developer are.... SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLLite, and Redis.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me about working on a project together, simply click on the Contact Me menu item above. I will return your email as soon as possible.